Hydraulic Engineering

◇BeiJing PeiYi electrical workshop                                                                                 ◇FuXin Qinghe Power plant

◇GuanTing reservoir                                                                                                         ◇LiaoNing Power plant

◇LiaoNing Dahuo Fang diversion works                                                                      ◇Northeast electric branch company

◇BeiJing The third electric Co.                                                                                        ◇BeiJIng QingHe sewage plant

◇ShanXi electric the third Co.                                                                                          ◇Northeast pharmaceutical factory

◇TangShan SanYou heat and power plant                                                                  ◇FuJian chemical fiber Group,etc

Shenyang Telkom Building
Shenyang Telkom...
Maritime Engineering
Maritime Engine...
Beijing Qinghe clean water treatment plant
Beijing Qinghe ...
Water-proofing for nataorium
Water-proofing ...