Road Surface Urgent Repair Material

Polar Bear CSA Concrete Road Facing Urgent Repair Material is obtained by special Rapid-hardening Sulphoaluminate cement with composite special admixture, this product has passed appraised science and technology achievement by Hebei province ,got success apply in Haerbin Airport ,Mudanjiang Airport for road surface urgent repair.

1. Special applicator was not necessary while operating,, just need mixed repair material,  sand and crushed stone with water in designed ratio, so convenient for operating.
2. This product can ensure working life more than 20mins with a higher strength. From         mixing, concrete road surface resume working just need 4 hours, so it is an ideal urgent repair material for airport and expressway, etc.
3. For based on special rapid-hardening sulphoaluminate cement, this product have         excellent sulfate-resisting and seawater, also can avoid the damage from alkali aggregate reaction.
4. Low rate of batch water with its slight expansion make this material have a high degree of compaction beside excellent capacity about breeze-thaw resistance and salt.
5. Excellent adhesive is to make the interface between new and old concrete firmly bond.

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    Suitable temperature for using

    Low temperature


    Normal temperature


    High temperature




    Working life

    Compressive strength(MPa)










  • Application

    1. Water, sand and stone should be neutral while they are sensitive to acid and alkali.
    2. The workability should be adjusted by special admixture, it is prohibited from adding water to improved concrete performance.
    3. Strength development is closely relevant to the temperature, it’s need choose suit product according to working temperature.
    4. the product should be used out within working life, while prohibited mixing again for using.
    5. From mixing with water within half an hour, compacting the repair concrete with a vibrator and screed surface, It is prohibited vibrating after concrete losing its fluidity.
    6. While using in a low temperature environment, it should be covered and curing for a long time.


1. Working surface should be a rigid and need watering before repaired, meanwhile, clear the contaminant and ponding of water.
2. According to the mix proportion of Cement based material/sand/crushed stone/water=1/1.5/1.5/0.27-0.3,and the water can be adjusted by actual demand.
3. Cement based material should be added with admixture while mixing, then feeding the mid-sand, crushed stone and water, stir for 5mins better.
4. Using in negative temperature environment, it should be use hot water and feeding turning should be according to sand first, then crushed stone and water, with the binder last. Adjustment of water temperature should be controlled well to ensure placing temperature is higher than 5℃.
5. Select the clean water accord with TGJ63 standard of concrete mixing water beside accord with the JGJ standard of medium sand and crushed stone.

1.There are two bags with basic material and special admixture packed by carton.
2.Shelf life is six months.
3.The product should be stored in dry place, far away from wet and used up after opened.

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