BS-WCHS 62.5

These are white hydraulic binders (referred to as white super-high strength double-fast cement)with super-high strength, fast setting and rapid hardening properties, made from active (or inactive) mixed materials such as fast setting rapid hardening high belite sulpho aluminate cement clinker with low content of ferric oxide, moderate amount of gypsum (or industrial by-product gypsum), slag and other active (or inactive) hybrid materials withfine grinding, and the code is BS-WCHS.

1/ Fast setting, Rapid hardening, high strength; 4h compressive strength can reach 15Mpa, 102Mpa after 28d, suitable to make the high strength products.

2/ Micro expansion, low dry shrinkage, the length change is very small. Dry shrinkage rate is just 1/8 of Portland cement.

3/ Have very good anti-corrosion property in sulfate, chloride, magnesium salt and seawater. Corrosion resistance coefficient >1.

4/ High impermeability, permeation height is 1/5 of Portland cement.

5/ High frozen resistance property, can get the strength of critical intensity of cold in 2h~3h.

6/ Low hydration heat release

7/ PH value is under 10.0 for GRC products.

8/ High whiteness value, the Hunter whiteness is above 75.

9/ Whiskering resistant performance is good

10/ Can be mixed with Portland cement in a proper ratio, can greatly reduce the shrinkage of Portland cement, reduce the cracks.

  • Data

    Physical Properties:


    Blaine Fineness (m2/kg)  ≥

     Setting Time/min

    28d Free Expansion Rate /%

    Whiteness Value ≥



    In Water ≤

    In Air ≥








    a.       The properties can be adjusted if needed.



    Compressive Strength

    Flexural strength















  • Application


    2/Decoration mortar

    3/Interior and exterior wall putty

    4/Artificial stone and floor

    5/Decorative concrete

    6/Building reinforcement

    7/ HPC and RPC

    8/ Rush projects and constructions, projects in winter.

    9/ High early strength Non-shrinkage grouts

    The setting time is fast, initial setting time ≥15min; High early strength, 4h strength ≥12.5Mpa; High final strength, 28d strength≥95.0Mpa, 90d strength still raising. High viscosity, good workability, good permeability resistance and good secrete water resistance, concrete surface made by this cement has no surface dusting; Have micro expansion, shrinkage is small, length change rate is very low, makes the anticracking property is very good. Impermeability performance is more higher than Portland cement; This cement is based on the white double fast high belite csa cement clinker, the main component is C2S-, the C4A3S- content lower than normal csa cement, don’t have any C3A, so the hydration heat release is low; High anti-corrosion property: 180d anti-corrosion factor in 3% sodium sulfate solution is 1.46, in 3% sodium carbonate solution is 1.41 and in 3% sodium chloride solution is 1.51.  On the basis of the above characteristics, this cement can totally replace the normal csa cement, faster than normal R-SAC cement, final strength is higher.

    For Concrete Precast Products: Using high strength double-fast cement, adjusted slightly with admixture can make 6h strength of prefabricated component achieve the requirement of de-molding strength without steam curing. Three shifts can do continuous production, can implement continuous, large scale and mechanization of the component production and can improve the production efficiency by times. It conforms to national development strategy on requiring the construction components to achieve standardization design, factory production and housing industrialization.

    For GRC Products: because of the high early and final strength of this cement, can greatly improve the efficiency of GRC production and strength. Can produce a special cement for GRC which with PH≤9.5, reduce the corrosion of glass fiber and increase the durability of the products.

    For High Performance Concrete (HPC) and Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC)

    It is easy to prepare HPC concreteusingearly strength and high strength properties of white high strength double-fast cement;color RPC concrete productscan be made without needing  to use high temperature and high pressure forsteam curing,  which can improve the level of the RPC concrete products and can reduce cost and pollution.

    For Super High Early Strength Non Shrinkage Grouts: Make use of early strength and high strength performance to make super early strength grouting material, steel sleeve grouting material and no shrinkage grouting material.