CSA Color Tile Grout

Polar Bear Brand color grout is a kind of powdery material that is premixed by factory with high quality cement, fine sand of reasonable gradation, filling, and imported polymer additive in proper proportion. When being used, the grout can be mixed to paste after adding water, and it is applicable to slush the joints of glazed tiles, marbles, granite and other veneer materials and to fill up the joints of wall bricks in swimming pool. After being used, it has exquisite and slippery texture, fresh color, good performances of cohesion, penetration resistance, crack resistance, and flexibility without cracking and dropping, and it can improve the penetration resistance of the veneer. The clients have wide choice of product colors.

1. High tension in early stage
2. Strong cohesion
3. Low water absorption and good penetration resistance
4. No saltpetering
5. Good crack resistance
6. Even color, no fading
7. Good mouldiness resistance
8. Available for low temperature construction
9. Innocuous and environment friendly

  • Data

    Accord with JC/T 10042006



    Abrasion Resistance/mm3                 


    Shrinkage Value/mm/m                 


    Rupture Strength/Mpa

    Standard Experiment Conditions   


    After Freeze-thaw Cycle     


    Compressive Strength/ Mpa

    Standard Experiment Conditions   


    After freeze-thaw Cycle     


    Water Absorption Volume/g





  • Application

    Applicable to the caulking of coating materials including interior and exterior bricks, ceramic tiles, marble, granite, etc., the pointing of swimming pools wall bricks.



Basic Level Disposal

1. Pre-clean joints and ensure there are no scraps, plastering float, cement blocks, and ponding etc.
2. It is necessary to spray appropriate quantity water to fully wet the joints of ceramic tiles which are very dry or have higher water absorption rate.

Operation Techniques

1. Mixture Ratio: Polar Bear Brand Grout powder: water = 25 kg: (4.5 -6.2) kg. Firstly pour 80-90 % water necessary as per mixture ratio into bucket and add powder and stir it with motor stirrer, then gradually add the rest water and stir it to even paste form without granule; leave it still for 2-5 minutes and stir it again for 1 minute, then the grout can be used.
2. Under the same construction conditions, the volume of water matched with each bag of grout shall be the same in order to ensure the consistent color. The grout shall be used within 1 hour after being stirred.
3. Use rubber knife to push down the stirred grout into the joints in diagonal direction and fill up the joints, and then eliminate the residual grout in the surface.
4. Let the grout in joints dry naturally in the air and compress and trim it with rubber spatula and slightly moistened sponge etc after the grout achieves certain rigidity, and then clean the surface of ceramic tiles with tidy and slightly moistened sponge or dishcloth. Generally the time necessary for filling up joints and compressing and trimming grout is 3090 minutes. The lower the temperature is, the longer time is needed.
5. Only when the grout is rigidified, the residual grout on the surface of ceramic tiles can be cleaned with clean water or special tile detergent or whole wall surface can be cleaned from the top down with clean water. Prior to rigidification, the grout should not be moistened with water for fear of inconsistent color in it.
6. After the grout is completely rigidified, a couple of days sprinkling maintenance is needed to further improve its intensity at early stage.

Stored in shadiness, coolness, and dryness; the storage life of sealed product can be up to 6 months.

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