CSA Polymer modified Cementitious Waterproofing Coat

CSA Polymer modified Cementitious Waterproof Coating is a two-component Polymer modified Cementitious Waterproof material composed of dry powder and emulsion, and precisely mixed with high-quality cement, grounded hard filler and additive in factories. It bond permanently with base materials. Excellent adhesive ability, flexibility, durability and water-resistance, so it can be used widely in various kinds of waterproofing projects.


    1.  Good flexibility can cover minuteness crack caused by various reasons.

    2.  Excellent adherence with surface of concrete and bricks.

    3.  Easily used by trowel and spatula, no leaking while uprightness.

    4.  Can be applied to wet surface or freshly placed concrete.

    5.  Good weatherability and UV resistance.

    6.  Can be applied to both the external and internal walls, bearing high water pressure whenever positive or negative.

    7.  Environmental product without toxin, smelling, pollution, radioactivity.

  • Data


    According to standard JC/T894-2001《Polymer modified Cementitious Waterproof Coating》,||

    Testing items

    Technical Data

    Solid Content,%


    Drying time

    Tack-free time, h


    Practical drying time, h


    Tensile strength, MPa

    No treatment


    Conservation after heating


    Conservation after alkali treatment


    Conservation after UV treatment



    at break,%

    No treatment


    Heating treatment


    Alkali treatment


    UV treatment


    Water impermeability (30min,0.3MPa)


    Wet Substrate bond strength, MPa


    Impermeability (negative), MPa 


  • Application


       1.  Base materials waterproofing of concrete, brickwork, pre-cast concrete and floating brick, etc.

       2.  Waterproofing of building wall, floor and roof.

       3.  Waterproofing projects of underground car park, tunnel, drainage and water supply pipes,

            swimming pool and drinking water pool, etc.

       4.  Other waterproofing projects.



Substrate preparation

  1.  The substrate should be flat, no oil slicks, release agent, dust and other loosen material which

        influence coherence.

  2.  The concrete fallen off or loosening have to be removed, and the larger holes, cracks should be

        repaired first.

  3.  It’s better for the inside corner and outside corner to be arc angle.

  4.  The surface of freshly placed concrete should be dry completely prior to commencement of


  5.  It’s better to deal with substrate by mix (emulsion : water = 1:1) before brush, especially for the

       loose one.


Wet basal surface

To wet basal surface thoroughly, operation can be processed after water is completely infiltrated

into concrete and without left.



First, dump emulsion into the clean container, then start to use electric blenders;Put dry powder

slowly in appropriate proportion(powder components : emulsion = 1 : 0.6),blending completely to

equality dope without agglomeration(about 4-5min) .It must be used up in the recommended time

(about 1 hour).



Spread slurry on the basal surface which treated well by coating knife or spatula. According to the

requirement brush at least 2 layers (total thickness of 1.5-2.0mm). Until the first layer slightly dry

(touch free) can make the second which depending on the substrate density, temperature and

humidity in 1- 3 hours.


Dosage Estimates


Powder component 25kg/ bag

Emulsion 15kg/barrel



Tips of Usage

Polymer Modified Cementitious Waterproof Coating requires 5 ~ 45°C and relative humidity less

than 85% of the ventilation condition. If the temperature is below 5°C or rainy day, it can’t be applied

There will be discrepancy of its color caused by the density and humility of working surface. Be

attention to prevent from rain, strong sunlight or froze first two days. Tools and equipments should

be cleaned after working in time.

It should be stored in a dry place, and have a shelf live at least 6 months with original package.

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