BS–HFR 42.5

These are hydraulic binders (referred to as high strength double-fast cement) with high strength, fast setting and rapid hardening properties, made from fast setting rapid hardening high belite sulpho aluminate cement clinker, moderate amount of gypsum (or industrial by-product gypsum), slag, prescribed mixing amount of fly ash and steel slag with fine grinding, and the code is BS - HFR.

Note: The mixing amount of fly ash and steel slag shall not be less than 12% and more than 30% of cement mass. Among which, steel slag shall not be more than 9% of cement mass.

1/ Fast setting, Rapid hardening, high strength; 4h compressive strength can reach 18Mpa, 75Mpa after 28d.

2/ Micro expansion, low dry shrinkage, the length change is very small. Dry shrinkage rate is just 1/8 of Portland cement.

3/ Have very good anti-corrosion property in sulfate, chloride, magnesium salt and seawater. Corrosion resistance coefficient >1.

4/ High impermeability, permeation height is 1/5 of Portland cement.

5/ High frozen resistance property, can get the strength of critical intensity of cold in 2h.

6/ Low hydration heat release

7/ PH value is under 10.0 for GRC products.

8/ Can be mixed with Portland cement in a proper ratio to make a low shrinkage.



  • Data

    Physical Properties:


    Blaine Fineness (m2/kg)  ≥

     Setting Time/min

    28d Free Expansion Rate /%

    Whiteness Value ≥



    In Water ≤

    In Air ≥








    a.       The properties can be adjusted if needed.




    Compressive Strength

    Flexural strength






















  • Application


    2/Precast products

    3/Building Reinforcement

    4/ HPC and RPC

    5/ Rush projects and constructions, projects in winter.

    6/ Foam concrete

    7/ High early strength Non-shrinkage grouts

    8/ Waterproof and leak stopping materials.

    9/ Shotcreting projects

    10/ Conventional concrete


    (1)    For emergency maintenance and building and winter construction engineering: High strength double-fast cement has excellent characteristics such as fast setting, rapid hardening, early strength, high strength, frost resistance, sulphate corrosion resistance, which is very suitable for application in the emergency maintenance and building and winter construction engineering.Usinghigh strength double-fast cement can preparethe emergency maintenance and building concrete with 2 hours compressive strength being more than or equal to 30 Mpa.

    (2)    Compare with Sulpho aluminate cement, it has no surface dusting, can be applied on the concrete road.

    (3)    For precast concrete products: Using high strength double-fast cement, adjusted slightly withadmixturecan make 6h strength of prefabricated component achieve the requirement of de-molding strength withoutsteam curing. Three shifts can do continuous production, can implement continuous, large scale and mechanization of the component production and can improve the production efficiencyby times.It conforms to national development strategy on requiring the construction components to achievestandardization design, factory production and housing industrialization.

    (4)    For GRC products: because of the high early and final strength of this cement, can greatly improve the efficiency of GRC production and strength. Can produce a special cement for GRC which with PH≤9.5, reduce the corrosion of glass fiber and increase the durability of the products.

    (5)    For Foam cement board: At the same dosage of cementing material, the dry density of double-fast cement foamed board is the lowest, while the coefficient of thermal conductivity and dry density are proportional basically, so the thermal conductivity is the lowest.Dry density of the foamed plated formed by adding 100 kg/m3 cement is respectivelyas following:rapid hardening sulphur aluminate cement foamed board is about 120 kg/m3, Portland cement foam is around 117 kg/m3, double-fast cement foamed board is about 102 kg/m3,the dry density is about 20 kg/m3lower than the former two , coefficient of thermal conductivity is reduced at the same time, but the compressive strength of double-fast cement foamedboard is the highest .

    Compared with sulphur aluminate cement foamed board, production costs have a larger reduction.Manufacture foamed concrete with Portland cement leadsto serious crack, while foamed concrete made bysulphur aluminate cement has less crack, and foamed concrete made byhigh strength double-fast cement almosthas no cracks.

    (6)    For super high early strength non shrinkage grouts: Make use of early strength and high strength performance to make super early strength grouting material, steel sleeve grouting material and no shrinkage grouting material.

    (7)    For injecting material: High strength double-fast cement has such performance as good fineness, high viscosity, good workability, good permeability resistance and good secrete water resistance. Due to faster setting time, quick slurry and high stones rate, the re-casting times can be reduced;

    The early strength is high, and high liquid injection material can be produced under high strength and high water cement ratio; Long-time mineral structure of Portland cement-water glass grouting is sputtered and durability is not good, and if adopting high strength double-fast cement for grouting, the durability is good.

    Casting by Portland cement mineral added water glass, its long age structure collapses, durability is not good, as casting by high strength two-fast cement, the durability is good.

    (8)    For Rapid plugging materials: At present, plugging materials such as the plugging agent commonlymade by adopting rapid hardening sulpho aluminate cement or high strength rapid hardening aluminate cement or mixturemixed with one of the former cement andPortland cement byadding subtract agent, retarder, thickening agent, accelerating agent and other admixture;the technology is complex, the quality fluctuates greatly, dimension change is bigand the cost is higher.Usinghigh strength double-fast cement as the main body with very small amounts of accelerating agent or compound moderate amount of Portland cement can preparethe plugging agent, and the formula is simple, quality is stable, and the cost is reduced greatly.

    (9)    For Bolt- shotcrete project: When usinghigh strength double-fast cement for bolt-shotcrete construct, it is only need to add very small amounts of accelerator or mixed with Portland cement in proper proportion forcomposite applicationtoproduce fast setting rapid hardening effects, andithasvery small impact on the ultimate strength;Bolt- shotcrete concrete made bythis cement has good workability, low springback amountand very fast strength growth, and alsothe construction speed can be improved by times and the construction safetycan be ensured.