CSA Leak-stopping Agent

CSA High Efficiency Water-stopping Agent is based on calcium sulphoaluminate cement, mixed with relevant additives in appropriate proportion, the feature of which is setting and hardening quickly with high strength、 high adherence while easy to use.


   1. Rapid setting and hardening, short interval between initial and final setting. Under 20℃, the initial setting time is 3-5min ,

       the final time is 1 min after initial.

   2. Quick water stopping.

   3.  Slight expansion, good capability of anti-penetration. Paste curing in water after 3 days, no penetration under 1.5Mpa.

   4.  Excellent anti-sulfates and anticorrosion with durability

   5.  High erosion-resistance ability to sulfate and seawater(anti-sulfate coefficient>1), excellent durability,suitable for the

        anti-erodent and seawater projects

   6.  Strong adherence. Easy to adhere with the working substrate, can be worked in watery environment.

   7.  Easily used. Only mix with water while used.

   8.  Environmental product without toxin, smelling, pollution and radioactivity.

  • Data





    Setting time

    Initial, min


    Final, min


    Compressive, Mpa

    3d, ≥


    Flexural, Mpa

    3d, ≥


    Impermeability pressure, Mpa, 7d   ≥



    Impermeability pressure, Mpa, 7d       ≥

    Check bar


    Bond  strength, Mpa, 7d           ≥


    Thermo stabilization, 100℃, 5h

    No crack, scaling and ablation

    Freezing and thawing cycle(-15℃~20℃), 20 times

    No crack, scaling and ablation

  • Application


    To be Used in the urgent leaking or penetration stoppage and repairs in different kinds structure of concrete, mortar or bricks, suitable for water-proofing and anti-penetration in underground engineering, water sluicing and piping, sewage farming system, kitchens and toilets.



1.  Before using, cut the leaking point or seam into the shape of bell mouthing or wedge, clear away

     the scraps and prepare suitable tools and measuring instruments.

2.  Put 1kg of the water-stopping agent into the pot, adding 0.30kg of water and mixed quickly.

     Warm water should be used if the temperature is too low.

3.  Knead the thick fluid to wet agglomerate by hands. When it become warm (about 3-5minutes),

     quickly press it against the direction of leaking, until the thick fluid is hardened (about 2-3


1. Packed with poly bags, 10kg/bag. Store in a dry and cool place.
2. Once opened, use up. If not, seal the rest quickly.

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