CSA Impermeable Agent

This product is an inorganic rigid waterproofing material which based on the special sulphoaluminate cement, and matching the suitable type and quantity admixture.

1.  Easily used, only mixing with water while use.

2.  Short interval of initial and final setting time, general less than 20minites.

3.  Excellent ability of corrosion-resistance especially seawater and sulfate, Anti-sulfur coefficient is more than 1 with good durability.

4.  Excellent adhesive, and easy to bond with the surface construction firmly. It can operate in watery environment when diffusing large-area seepage.

5.  Nontoxic, odorless, no combustion, no explosion, and without harm for human body.

  • Data





    Setting time (min)

    Initial setting

    ≥ 30

    Initial and final setting time interval

    ≤ 20

    Paste strength of 7d (Mpa)


    ≥ 30


    ≥ 5

    Impermeability pressure of 7d(Mpa)





    Adhesive (Mpa)

    ≥ 1.5

    Freeze-thaw(no crack, no scaling ,no flaking)


    Resistance to alkali(no crack, no scaling, no flaking)

    Sodium hydroxide immersion 500 times

    Resistance to high temperature (no crack, no scaling, no flaking)

    100℃,water boiling 5h

    Resistance to low temperature (no change in coating)


    Sulfur resistance coefficient


  • Application

    1. For rigid surface waterproofing of basement, bathroom, tunnel, air defense projects, pool etc.

    2. Especially good for seepage and damp proofing of large-scale and depth underground engineering facilities.

    3. Adhesive tiles, mosaics etc..


1.  Construction surface treatment: Construction surface should be rigid and cleaned before

operating. Be sure no grease, loose materials and other fixtures ,then moisten it well but

keep no residue water left.

2.  Paste preparation: According to the ratio of 0.25-0.5 mix the high efficiency impermeable

agent and water together, and the exact ratio depend on needs of the operation. The initial

stir from the ratio of 0.25, and determined whether it should add water after 5 minutes.

Slurry stirred five minutes to achieve its homogeneous, then delay 5 minutes and stir again

 for one minute before use. Slurry should be used up within an hour.

3.  Operations: First layer should be use thick slurry (W/S is about 0.25~0.40), doctor coating with scraper. The second coating layer use watery slurry with brush after previous layer hardened (W/S is about 0.45~0.50), and it also could do the third layer depend on necessity.

4.  Curing: It need spraying water since the final setting (hand touch without leaving imprint and nonstick), and cover with plastic sheeting to ensure humid. Coating in dry environment or sunlight outdoor should covered with mats and maintain humid at least 3 days.

10kg per plastic bag, Store in a cool and dry place, once opened, use up

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